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Athlete Q&A: Wesley Loveall


Click here to read the latest Athlete Q&A, this week with Camp Verde High School senior soccer player Wesley Loveall.

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Wesley Loveall
Senior Forward

Where are you from?
Camp Verde.

What sports do you play?
I play soccer and I kickbox.

Which one is your favorite?
I have to say kickboxing.

What’s the best part about it?
The thrill of adrenaline and everything we work hard for — it’s over in six minutes. It’s the craziest six minutes you’ll ever have.

The worst part?
You can get knocked out and hurt.

Do you have any favorite sports teams or athletes?
My favorite NFL team is obviously the Cardinals. My favorite player is Kyrie Irving but he went to the Celtics.

Do you have a favorite television show?

Favorite food?

What do you aspire to be when you’re older?
I aspire to find a good job to support my family and help the people around me.

What kinds of valuable lessons has doing sports taught you?
Believe in the people around you and believe in yourself.

Who’s been the most influential person in your life?
My parents.

Is there a memorable match or fight you’ve had in your career?
My most recent one, I lost to a guy in a split decision .... A year later we met at the biggest Muay Thai tournament in the U.S. and I beat him.

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