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The enigmatic presidential campaign of billionaire Donald Trump continues to confound election watchers, pundits, voters and even the other primary candidates. National Public Radio has even dubbed the phenomena of understanding how Trump remains at the top "Trumpology."Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

On Aug. 19, viewers of Roanoke, Va.'s,  WDBJ 7 television station witnessed the on-air murder of 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

A flurry of activity took place late Tuesday following failed negotiations between the state of Arizona and a group of plaintiffs, which include five different school boards, the Arizona Education Association, the Arizona School Boards Association and several private individuals.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

The Camp Verde Town Council has rescinded the special election that would have led to a recall vote on whether to remove Vice Mayor Bruce George from council. The recall's legality was called into question due to a missing bit of information indicating whether those who circulated the petition were volunteers or being paid.Vice Mayor Bruce George will not face a recall due to noncompliant petitions.

The University of Arizona will become a permanent presence in the Verde Valley thanks to a donation of land by the Steele Foundation.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

The UA plans to use the gifted 45-acre DK Ranch in Cornville to expand its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and newly established Veterinary Medical and Surgical Program.

At Lowell Observatory in the hills of Flagstaff 85 years ago, 24-year-old astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovered a dark object moving across the sky beyond the planet Neptune.Pluto, as seen from New Horizons.

Images Tombaugh took with the observatory’s astrograph over several nights confirmed the existence of the object and Flagstaff astronomers announced the discovery of a ninth planet in our solar system.

The Verde Valley was struck by tragedy last week with the drowning death of 8-year-old Dimas Mendez, of Prescott Valley. The boy was crossing the Verde River on the shoulders of his 39-year-old uncle on Saturday, July 4, when the pair accidently went into 7-feet-deep water and began struggling back to the surface.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

Without comment on June 29, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from Arizona's disgraced former congressman, U.S. Rep. Richard "Rick" Renzi, regarding his conviction for extortion, fraud, conspiracy and racketeering. Renzi started his three-year prison sentence in February after years of legal maneuvering following his 2008 indictment.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

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