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The 2016 election will include major local changes to our elected bodies.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

A 2014 change to state law resulted in several Camp Verde Town Council members having extended terms to bring the town into alignment with the even-numbered-year election cycle in the rest of Arizona.

The last day of the year is nearly here.Happy New Year

New Year’s Eve is my favorite holiday because it is the one day of the year when people come together regardless of nationality, religion, creed or culture, to celebrate together.

Imagine that after a long day working at the Arizona State Capital, Gov. Doug Ducey flies home to Needles, Calif., or Supreme Court Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy returns to his regular residence in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where none of the judicial opinions he helped pen that day were in effect.Yavapai College's Sedona Campus

The first major snowfall of the winter fell Sunday and Monday, Dec. 13 and 14, in the Verde Valley.Managing Editor Christopher Fox Graham

Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek were hit with the bulk of the storm, which dropped snow to about 4,000 feet.

The first Thanksgiving in the Plymouth Bay colony wasn’t families in their individual cabins. It was a feast of 53 Englishmen and around 90 Wampanoags dining together as a community.Georgie's Cafe

Late last week Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey and his staff mediated negotiations between legislators and school officials from around the state after court-led negotiations to settle the 2010 Cave Creek v. DeWit education funding lawsuit failed.Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey

The court ruled in the schools' favor and ordered the state to pay the money it had refused to pay during and after the Great Recession.

The Halloween holiday is a Frankenstein monster of creativity as parents and partygoers alike assemble costumes for themselves or their children. They often piece together bits and parts of household bric-a-brac, paper, paint, duct tape, cardboard, cloth, wood and steel to give unholy birth to a one-time-only outfit.Given the odds and ends bought for original costumes, it's impossible to truly quantify the economic impact of Halloween.

Imagine Yavapai College in the year 2026. Leaner and smaller, the college focuses on the needs of its student body, which consists of residents from Prescott and the surrounding communities in western Yavapai County.Yavapai College

The Prescott Valley campus is nearly open, but the project took far longer to build, mainly because the college only has about 60 percent of the budget it did a decade earlier and had to refund part of a bond to the Verde Valley.

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