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In July, I posted a news story to my personal Facebook page and shared it on local bulletin boards. The article titled “Scientists say giant asteroid could hit earth next week, causing mass devastation” came with a graphic of an object in orbit and the opening two paragraphs about the doom-bringing asteroid 2016-Fl.File image/Larson Newspapers

However, about by the third paragraph, author Elizabeth Bromstein acknowledged the headline was false, but that the real subject of the article was a study by computer scientists at Columbia University and the French National Institute that revealed about 59 percent of news stories shared on social media are never clicked on and read. In the last paragraph of the story, Bromstein asked readers to not to give away her trick, but instead comment using a color.

The launching of a manned rocket into space is the epitome of our species, viewed with awe, wonder and pride. It is the cumulation of 4,000 years of mathematics and metallurgy, physics and faith as we lob a metal box to sail the skies alongside the Chariot of Helios and safely return the passenger back to Earth.

With November comes new leadership in the local political arena, the biggest of which is the new mayor in Cottonwood.Cottonwood Mayor Tim Elinski

While Sedona drives most of the tourist traffic into the Verde Valley and many residents of other communities benefit from that attraction, Cottonwood is the economic powerhouse of the Verde Valley, and how that city is run shapes the fiscal environment of the rest of the Verde Valley.

Americans will spend more than $650 billion on gifts, entertaining and food for the holidays.

Buy Local Month, sponsored by Local First Arizona, runs from Black Friday, Nov. 25, through Sunday, Jan. 1.

The 2016 election has now come and gone and it is the local issues that will affect us the most.Election 2016

On the local level, Cottonwood City Councilman Tim Elinski is likely to defeat Holly Grigaitis to be the city’s new mayor, replacing Diane Joens, who lost her bid for the Yavapai County District 3 seat in the August primary election.

We look forward to working with this new mayor and seeing what he brings to the table to direct Cottonwood toward improving the community for residents.

The almost unimaginable happened Nov. 2 as the Chicago Cubs broke the Curse of the Billy Goat and won Game 7 of the World Series after a drought of 108 years, the longest in the history of any professional sports team. An estimated 49.9 million people watched the game, making it the most-watched World Series game since Game 7 in 1991.Christopher Fox Graham

Other teams have had decades-long droughts, but none are as visceral as that of the Cubs, the perennial “lovable losers” of Major League Baseball. The losing streak is long been part of popular culture and the punchline of jokes. Yet, after a century without a World Series win, Cubs fans are somehow still some of the most dedicated in sports. To be a Cubs fan is to have boundless hope in the face of inevitable doom, like the Norse gods at Ragnarok, facing defeat either at the end of the season or in the playoffs.

Proposition 206 would raise the state minimum wage to $10 in 2017, then incrementally increasing the minimum wage to $12 per hour by the year 2020. It also entitles employees to earn an hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours they work.Election 2016

While we are in favor of raising wages and wish all our state’s workers earned gobs of money for their labor, 206 has some major flaws that make it an ill-advised proposition.

Firstly, the sudden rise in salaries would likely decrease overall employment. A full-time minimum wage worker earns $16,744 per year, which would jump to $24,960, an increase in $8,216 per employee.

Imagine waking up in a world without information provided by newspapers. Not merely the printed newspaper that appears in your driveway or you pick up in a rack at your coffeeshop, gas station or grocery store, but all the news online, the news links on your social media feed, the newsletter in your email inbox, the source an anchor cites in the evening television broadcast or the push notification that pops up on your smartphone. Newspapers like this will continue to be an important information resource.

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