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Cuban Queen sale goes through


The property that once held the Cuban Queen has sold.

Jerome Planning and Zoning approved the sale, which will be zoned commercial. Zoning Administrator Kyle Dabney said at the town’s June 14 meeting the plans for the lot are still being drafted, but that it seemed the historic property would be rebuilt, after being blown down in a recent storm, with a plaque denoting changes made from the original. Its use is not yet known.

Dabney did say he had spoken with the State Historic Preservation Commission about rebuilding the Cuban Queen, and said it would not be a problem as far as its historic status.

Town efforts to preserve historic buildings will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

Councilman Lew Courrier jokingly suggested it be used as it originally was — as a bordello.

Running with it, Mayor Frank Vander Horst said there were rules against that type of business now.

“It’s not near a church,” Courrier quipped.

Jerome was also the recipient of a new truck. As Vander Horst brought up in a prior meeting, Yavapai County agreed to sell a new work truck for Public Works use for $1. Yavapai County District 3 Supervisor Randy Garrison was present to hand the keys and title over to Public Works Deputy Director Martin Boland.

Boland’s position may also soon change to full director, as council made the first reading of a new ordinance addressing whether the Public Works department head must live in city limits. The ordinance will change the restriction to having a residence within 15 miles of town limits. This would allow Boland, who lives 12 miles outside of town, to be the director, a position the town does not have filled as a result of the law. Public Works Deputy Director Martin Boland accepts keys to a work truck from Yavapai County District 3 Supervisor Randy Garrison on behalf of the town of Jerome. The county sold it to the town for $1.

Before the second reading, Courrier said he will look into past laws to see if any initiative-led ordinance — something the council cannot alter — ensures department heads must live in town.
Vander Horst expressed his confidence that the town had looked properly into the matter.

The town is making progess in its finances as well, reporting that all bank accounts have now been reconciled. The town has been working on its books since an audit revealed several findings.

In addition, the town reported that its 1 percent bed tax is estimated to bring in roughly $20,000 per year.

The general plan is also moving forward, and can be viewed in full online at the town of Jerome’s website. Flyers will also be sent out to residents with their town-run bills.

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