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Seven universities aim to enroll transfer students


More than three dozen Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus students took part in this year’s University Transfer Day, Wednesday, Oct. 4.

Students met with representatives of seven Arizona universities and colleges to see how their Yavapai College courses transfer to the larger institutions, as well as scope out financial aid, scholarships and housing options.

Along the way, students also learned that preparing ahead could save them some stress and lower the price tag of higher education.

“It’s never too early to start the process and realize you need to get really good grades to get merit scholarships,” Yavapai College Academic and Career Advisor Paula Fuhst said, but added that the process is greater than just getting good grades.

Numerous scholarships not based on academic merit exist, including Arizona’s Earn to Learn scholarship program. Earn to Learn allows students whose income falls at or below twice the poverty level and who save $500 on their own to receive a $4,000 scholarship toward their Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University or University of Arizona expenses.

The scholarship is renewable for up to four years. “They [students] have to attend a financial literacy workshop where they learn about the problem of student debt,” Fuhst said. “It’s just a real good opportunity.”

According to Fuhst, most students at Yavapai College are educated early about their transfer and funding options, including important deadlines, which makes searching for prospective fouryear universities and colleges easier.

Fuhst said that while more and more students are opting to learn online, making a face-to-face check in is less likely. Ample resources exist online to determine how to transfer to a four-year institution, especially Arizona’s three state universities.

According to Fuhst, aztransfer.com will show exactly how classes transfer to ASU, NAU and U of A.” Just in case students missed Wednesday’s transfer event, Yavapai College advisors keep a running list of which university and college representatives to contact with questions. Prescott College Director of Admissions David White said that his institution admits around half a dozen 

Yavapai College transfer students each year, and more whose transcripts include credits from Yavapai College. Participating institutions at the event included ASU, NAU, U of A, Chamberlain University, Prescott College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Grand
Canyon University. Yavapai College’s transfer resources are available at their website or by calling 634-6510.

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