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3 vehicles torched in park-and-sell lot


A fire early May 29 left three vehicles burnt out at the Park Place lot.

Located at the southeast corner of State Route 89 A and S. 10th Street in Cottonwood, Park Place offers its lot to owners wishing to display their vehicles for sale. A fee is charged daily, weekly or monthly for each space.

According to Cottonwood Fire Department Capt. Larry Dawson, CFD responded to the fire between 4:30 and 5 a.m. on May 29.

“It was a pretty big fire,” Dawson said, but added that details would not be forthcoming until an investigation into the fire is completed. The cause of the fire is undetermined.

A man found on the lot Friday, June 2, said that he helps the lot’s owner maintain the lot and remove vehicles left on the premises. According to him, he was in the process of calling the owner to inquire about removing the vehicles.

The man, who declined to provide his name, said he believed the three-car fire might have resulted from a single fire that started in the Ford Ranger pickup truck. His concern for the property owner now, he added, was that someone would arrive and possibly injure themselves while examining the burned vehicles.

Moving the vehicles, Dawson said, would most likely not occur until after the investigation.

The owner of Park Place has not returned a request for comment as of press time.

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