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Coffee assault and car chase keep police busy


Some nights are quieter than others for Cottonwood Police Department: People stay at home watching Netflix and generally don’t cause trouble.

Then there are the other nights. As two recent incidents reveal, CPD officers are regularly forced to deal with difficult customers.

Hot Coffee Assault

In the early morning hours of Aug. 31, 30year-old Cottonwood resident Rochelle Moreno was arrested for two counts of assault and disorderly conduct.

According to CPD Sgt. Monica Kuhlt, officers were dispatched to Taco Bell because “Moreno threw a cup of coffee on one employee of the fast food establishment and then physically fought another after she confronted them because she felt her coffee was not hot enough.”

Moreno allegedly went through the restaurant’s drive-thru and ordered coffee. At the window, she asked for a “fresh cup” because, Kuhlt said, she believed the coffee had sat too long before receiving her order.

“The employee at the window thought Moreno was asking for an extra cup so she handed her one,” Kuhlt said. “Witnesses said it appeared Moreno was infuriated by this, drove around to the front and came into the restaurant. Once inside Moreno yelled at the employees and caused a scene. She was asked to wait outside.

“An employee tried to capture her license plate with his cellphone when Moreno tried to knock his phone out of his hand. He put his other arm up to block and Moreno threw her cup of coffee on him, causing first-degree burns to his face and neck.”

An ambulance transported the victim to medical care. Based upon his injuries, CPD believes the coffee was hot, not warm. Moreno left the premises and was later located at her residence and arrested.

Car Chase

On the late evening of Sept. 3, 20-yearold Cottonwood resident Adrian Bermudez Quidera was arrested for felony flight, reckless driving, endangerment, felony criminal damage, underage DUI and underage consumption of alcohol.

According to Kuhlt, Quidera “was driving a white Ford Expedition southbound on Main Street when he saw a police vehicle. Quidera turned his headlights off and ran from police through the parking lot of Home Depot and then into the parking lot of Fry’s.

“Quidera jumped the rock median that separates the upper and lower parking lots when he struck a parked and unattended pick-up, which was thrown from its parked position and into another parked and unattended vehicle.”

Quidera’s vehicle continued into a shopping cart stall before coming to a rest. Apprehended by officers, Quidera explained that he had run because he did not possess a driver’s license. According to Kuhlt, CPD estimates the total financial loss to victims is unknown but will definitely “exceed the felony threshold of $1,000.”

CPD is awaiting lab results to confirm Quidera’s blood-alcohol level.

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