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Since beginning his tenure as Mingus Union High School’s Automotive Technology instructor, Andy Hooton has labored not only to educate his students but to provide them with professional opportunities.Mingus Union High School junior Ryan Rozeboon, right, stands under a Ford Explorer with senior Josh Wheeler, working to replace the vehicle’s fuel pump assembly. The fuel pump is located inside the gas tank, which had to be removed for the operation.

By anyone’s standards, Hooton’s efforts have been successful. To date, he has placed 14 MUHS students in local automotive businesses that offer job training and, quite often, a great deal more. A few have furthered their education through their employment, gaining valuable skills and certifications.

For the last four years, Yavapai County has tried to make voting as easy as possible. This year’s general election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, is not expected to be an exception.Voters head to the polls in Camp Verde.

“Having vote centers since 2012 has proven to be a great advantage for our voters,” Yavapai County Recorder Leslie Hoffman said. “As they have become accustomed to going anywhere in the county to cast their ballot, they’ve grown to enjoy the ease and convenience.”

Steve Segner said that instead of keeping quiet, he feels it’s his obligation to help get the word out regarding a scam that’s hit Arizona.Steve Segner, president of the Sedona Lodging Council and owner of El Portal Sedona Hotel, was one of several victims of a phone scam relating to APS. Segner was notified by a scam artist that he was behind on his payment to the power company and was instructed to pay using pre-paid debit cards.

Segner, the president of the Sedona Lodging Council and owner of El Portal Sedona Hotel, and others fell victim to an elaborate phone scam in which he lost nearly $3,000 this past week.

He received a call on Saturday, Oct. 22, around 9:30 a.m. from someone stating that they were from APS and that the power to El Portal would be turned off in 45 minutes due to nonpayment.

Since 2013, the Yavapai College Interdisciplinary Symposium has offered area residents the opportunity to see the college’s faculty in action, focusing on areas of academic expertise and passion.Kim Fawcett, a registered nurse, will share her insights and observations from two separate experiences in Africa during her 2016 Yavapai College Interdisciplinary Symposium lecture.

Not only does this year’s symposium, Wednesday through Friday, Nov. 2 through 4, offer a wide spectrum of programming in the Verde Valley, it is the first time professionals from outside the college have been included. According to symposium coordinator Amy Ilona Stein — a history and humanities professor, faculty director of accreditation and Verde Campus art gallery director — the topic inspired reaching out to new speakers.

You don’t need a flannel shirt, a rusty pickup and a grizzly beard to be one of the many people in the Verde Valley who carries a concealed gun.Marina Zorrilla is a Camp Verde resident who works in Cottonwood, and never leaves home without her firearm. Zorrilla practices at a shooting range, and encourages new gun owners, particularly women looking to carry for personal protection, to take safety classes and to familiarize themselves with several types of handguns, picking the one they are most comfortable with for everyday carry.

Marina Zorilla, who works at a salon in Old Town Cottonwood, carries her Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm handgun.

“I carry every day. I don’t leave the house without it. It’s just become a habit now,” she said.

Candidates Holly Grigaitis and Timothy Elinski are engaged in a runoff election Tuesday, Nov. 8, for city of Cottonwood mayor. Holly Grigaitis and Timothy Elinski

Candidate Terence Pratt was eliminated in the August primary election.

Elinski, a contractor who has served on the Cottonwood City Council for 11 years, has also made the financial situation of the city a primary candidacy topic.

Grigaitis, a realtor who has held no official position in municipal government, has committed to one term to alleviate financial issues of concern to her within the city.

Almost nine decades ago — 89 years ago on Oct. 19, to be exact — Clarkdale unveiled its Clark Memorial Clubhouse to the community.The Clark Memorial Clubhouse was rededicated with a ribbon-cutting 89 years after its original unveiling. The event marked the finishing of a project to make the building handicap accessible.

On the facility’s 89th anniversary, the Clarkdale Town Council, town employees, locals and members of the planning and construction crews that oversaw recent improvements to the clubhouse gathered together for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and rededication.

Yavapai College District Governing Board member Al Filardo has announced his resignation, effective Thursday, Dec. 1, ending his tenure on the board two years before the expiration of his term.Al Filardo has resigned from the Yvapai College District Governing Board.

Filardo announced his resignation at the YCDGB meeting Oct. 11, referencing the board’s 3-2 vote in favor of suspending the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee as the reason for his departure. Filardo was a charter member of the committee, having been instrumental in its creation.

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