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From the earth to the stars — it’s not the Cottonwood Public Library’s motto, but based on recent community offerings it might as well be.

This month, the library hosts two events that show just how far libraries have moved away from only offering books and internet access: The return of the seed library and a solar viewing opportunity in celebration of the upcoming total solar eclipse.

Drive down Main Street and you’ll notice only one empty space in Old Town’s facade: On the west side of the street, at 920 N. Main Street, sits an empty lot.

The developers of LeMain have plans for that space. Within a year or two, a three-story building will occupy 920, its first floor dedicated to commercial space and its top two floors given condominium-style residences.

After a brief discussion over payroll, Jerome Town Council passed its final budget at its July 25 meeting 4-0. Councilwoman Alex Barber was absent from the meeting.

According to the budget, the town has $1.97 million available in its general fund, with a budgeted expenditure of $967,851.

Outside people who have experienced domestic violence, few understand how difficult it is to leave a violent partner.

Fewer still understand why victims stay as long as they do. The reason for the lack of understanding, according to Verde Valley Sanctuary Executive Director Matthew Kelley, is because the factors that contribute to domestic violence are so varied.

Since Jan. 1, Eric and Michele Jurisin have been in the process of expanding the Tavern Hotel.

Come late September or early October, it will be up and running. “It’s going really well,” Eric Jurisin said of the construction.

The city of Cottonwood Riverfront Reclamation Facility will not be making good on one of its original claims — that a major portion of the A+ quality reclaimed water it produces will be injected below groundwater sources.

On Jan. 3, the City Council unanimously approved a professional services contract for “an amount not to exceed $142,000” to Glendale-based Pineview Consulting to engineer and design an injection well and point-of-compliance well modification at Riverfront Park.

Jerome Town Council passed two ordinances at its meeting on July 11.

The public works director may now live within 15 miles of town limits after Ordinance No. 431 passed in a 4-1 vote. Previously, the director, along with the police and fire chiefs, town manager and town clerk all had to reside within town limits. This left the public works director position unfilled.

Increasingly, libraries act as a great deal more than places to borrow books: Especially in rural Arizona and among less economically advantaged populations, libraries provide a link to technologies, educational opportunities and the larger community.

Thanks to Library Services and Technology Act funding, Cottonwood Public Library is becoming even better at connecting with diverse populations.

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