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Camp Verde votes to prioritize Cherry Creek construction

Camp Verde Town Council voted to prioritize construction of an all-weather, low-water crossing at the Cherry Creek wash on Old Highway 279 during a regular session meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 17.
If federally approved, the project would include construction and installation of box culverts, safety railings and signage and the repavement of the roadway impacted by construction.
The town is expected to receive $321,357 in grant funds from the Arizona Department of Housing Regional Account for fiscal year 2018. The Community Development Block Grant must be used to benefit areas that are low-income.
Several potential projects were selected to be forwarded to the state with a request for funding based on citizen input.
The project, which is quoted to exceed the potential grant funds at $425,000, would also be funded by Highway User Revenue funds.
Camp Verde Town Manager Russ Martin said investment beyond the grant is to be expected.
“There are other pots that tie in,” he said. “That [grant] will not be paving us to China.”
Other potential projects council considered included:
  • Abide Maternity Home: One new building, four units. Estimated cost: $365,000.
  • Access and drainage improvements on Verde Lakes Drive: Additional culverts installed on Verde Lakes Drive; headwalls constructed with railing and signage; cleanup of trash, downed trees and man-made dams. Estimated cost: 425,000.
  • Seventh Street Sidewalk: Construction of sidewalks, curb/gutter and storm-water improvements. Estimated cost: $400,000.
  • Water and sewer pipelines installed under Verde River near Black Bridge on Montezuma Castle Highway, allowing for connections to homes and businesses on the north side of the Verde River. Estimated cost: $500,000.
  • Verde Lakes Park and fire protection improvements: Renovation and cleanup of Verde Lakes Park. Estimated cost: $445,000.
Camp Verde Mayor Charlie German said he was disappointed when he found out Council could only select one project.
“That was a blow to the stomach,” German said to the project applicants at the meeting. “This is not to downplay any of the work you do. Don’t give up on us.”
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