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Spectrum grows services


When it comes to health care, Camp Verde residents have more options than ever before.

Last year, Northern Arizona Healthcare opened its Verde Valley Medical Center campus in Camp Verde.

Now, Spectrum Healthcare Group has expanded its operations at 452 Finnie Flat Road beyond counseling, case management and psychiatry to include primary care and pediatrics.

In addition, Spectrum will now accept all major insurance plans. Previously, the clinic had only accepted Medicaid payment via the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. Cash payments will also be accepted for counseling services.

“The reason we expanded is because health care is changing,” said Spectrum Healthcare Group Communications, Strategy and Innovation Director Ryan Block, adding that primary care physicians are few and far between in the Verde Valley.

“It’s the same story everywhere, especially in the Verde Valley. We can’t just continue to do outpatient counseling ... We can’t help it. We’ll be left behind if we don’t change with the times. When you’re sick, you need to be treated by whoever can see you first.”

According to Block, though the two facilities are within throwing distance of each other Spectrum’s clinic and the VVMC Camp Verde campus are not in competition with each other: Other than meeting a growing need for primary care, Spectrum practices “whole health” care.

“The client’s needs are prioritized,” Block said. “We all work together for your mind, for your body, for all of you. We don’t separate the mind from the body. We’re integrated. Because it’s integrated, the whole body can be addressed.”

Block added of integrated care, “There are no other primary care providers that do this in Arizona .... We have appointments where you can meet with both a primary care provider and a counselor or psychiatrist, all in the same meeting. There’s nobody else doing that, at all.”

Block said that Spectrum maintains a positive relationship with NAH, working within its facilities when necessary and referring patients often. Spectrum’s Camp Verde clinic will be offering primary care starting on Tuesday, June 27, whereupon at least one primary care provider will be available to meet same-day or scheduled need.

Depending on the day, the provider might be a doctor, physicians assistant or nurse. On Thursday, June 29, Spectrum invites the community to tour its redesigned facility, which Block said features a “more welcome” room design that lacks the traditional desk between patients and care providers.

“You can just have a conversation. There’s no barriers. It’s just welcoming,” Block said, adding that tracking patient care is now quicker, done via laptops that the patient can see.

“We document everything within 15 minutes of the session. Nothing’s a secret.”

According to Block, Spectrum’s Sedona clinic will be the subject of a similar upgrade to include primary care in the fall this year.

Spectrum Camp Verde’s open house takes place June 29, from 4:30. to 6:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served.

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