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Acquiring the address of the one marijuana growing facility registered fully with the Town of Camp Verde is relatively simple, involving only one call to the Community Development department.A new marijuana grow facility has opened shop in Camp Verde. The building is located at 3755 Old Highway 279. Manager Craig Ingutti and owner Lee Olesen said the facility is up to code.The nondescript industrial building sits a ways back from the road at 3755 Old Highway 279.

The Camp Verde Unified School District superintendent created a difficult situation for himself when he recommended Camp Verde High School Principal Bob Weir for the position left vacant by the departure of Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education Superintendent Lisa Aragon.Dennis Goodwin is the superintendent of the Camp Verde Unified School System, and is leading the search for a new principal for Camp Verde High School. The former principal, Bob Weir, left to become the superintendent of the Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education.

Released from his contract with Camp Verde High School after 24 years, newly appointed Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education Superintendent Bob Weir said that he always intended to close out his career with VACTE.After 24 years with Camp Verde High School, most recently serving as principal, Bob Weir has been appointed superintendent of Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education.

“It’s been a goal of mine for a long time,” Weir said of heading VACTE, which allowed his own daughter to become a certified nursing assistant by the time she left high school.

Though he humbly refers to himself as “the guy who cuts the trees,” Robert Jennings Jr. has been an instrumental part of Fort Verde State Historic Park, acting as assistant manager — the go-to guy for anything the park or its visitors needed.Fort Verde Historic State Park Assistant Manager Robert Jennings Jr. left his position on June 30 to work elsewhere in the Arizona State Parks Department.

Thursday, June 30 marked his departure. As he stood with his fellow employees and volunteers at a surprise party thrown in his honor on the day in question, emotions were understandably high.

Over the last two and a half decades, the Camp Verde Cornfest has become a stable of local culture — an event informed by daily life in the Verde Valley and an awareness of our shared farming heritage.At last year’s Cornfest, the Camp Verde Community Library Youth Advisory had a booth set up to smash pies in their faces, and Aiden Reece, 4, got to smash one on Paul Elmer’s face.

Arizona and Tanzania are separated by continental masses and oceans, cultures and economies, but the principles of supporting children are essentially the same in both places.Uswege Mwakapango, co-founder of the educational advocacy group Renew, leads Tanzanian students through a workshop. Sedona Red Rock High School graduate Adam Rubin helped found the organization in 2013 and recently helped bring its workshops to area classrooms.

Sedona Red Rock High School graduate Adam Rubin and Tanzanian Uswege Mwakapango founded Renew in Tanzania three years ago — as, in Rubin’s words, “a response to the gap in the education system.”

Despite their own diminutive size, the Verde Valley’s five incorporated communities can sometimes overshadow their unincorporated neighbors.The Beaver Creek Kiwanis celebrates the nation’s birthday with a pancake breakfast followed by a parade and duck race down Wet Beaver Creek. Each year attracts upward of 400 people.

This means that many of the quirky events organized by these communities pass by without locals knowing.

The scenario is familiar to anyone who does the grocery shopping: You walk into the store, looking for fresh produce. Noting that your avocados are rock hard, your bananas green, you wonder where on Earth the fruit is from.Sarah Hall of Cornville took her boys Everest, 2, center, and Tristen, 6, out for  breakfast at a local restaurant. The Farm to Fork program aims to get locally-grown food into restaurants, grocers and schools.

Peru, perhaps, or Brazil. China, maybe?

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