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Drivers passing by the McGuireville rest area off Interstate 17 on the morning of Nov. 8 were subject to a rare sight: A motor vehicle accident training drill involving five dozen personnel from nine different public safety departments.Firefighters from several agencies work together to apply a neck brace to a high priority car accident victim in a simulated car accident, staged at the northbound Interstate 17 rest area near Rimrock. The simulation had agencies dispatched to an accident involving several children.

An interagency memo on Nov. 7 documented the plan set to begin after 8 a.m.

“The training will consist of a motor vehicle accident involving a 12-passenger van being involved in a rear-end type collision with a passenger vehicle.

According to Arizona Department of Transportation Senior Community Relations Officer Coralie Cole, roundabouts are here to stay despite many community members’ reservations about them — so people might as well get used to them.There is currently a left-turn-only island median where Goswick Way and Industrial Drive intersect with State Route 260, preventing vehicles from driving straight across. This will be replaced with a roundabout.

Anyone driving into Enchantment Resort knows one thing above all else: The facilities sit amid some of the most stunning property in the Sedona region.File photo/Larson Newspapers

What many do not know is that, in addition to operating its business, Enchantment does its fair share to preserve the surrounding landscape. Established by Enchantment in cooperation with the U.S. National Forest Service in the 1990s, the Boynton Canyon Preservation Fund is an advised fund with the Arizona Community Foundation.

It’s no secret that the grand opening of the new Camp Verde Community Library Saturday, Nov. 5 will be one of the town’s biggest events in recent memory.Camp Verde Community Library Youth Services Clerk Wendy Cook Roberts, left, and Youth Services Children’s Librarian Nadia Torabi work together to bring all the inventory from the old library building into the new one. The Camp Verde Community Library is set to open on Saturday, Nov. 5.

The new library is the first building the Town of Camp Verde has built since its incorporation in 1985. According to CVCL Director Kathy Hellman, its planning, completion and opening mark a watershed moment when the town and its residents came together toward a common goal — to place the library at the center of the community, encouraging access for all of Camp Verde and the surrounding area.

For the last four years, Yavapai County has tried to make voting as easy as possible. This year’s general election on Tuesday, Nov. 8, is not expected to be an exception.Election Logo 2016

“Having vote centers since 2012 has proven to be a great advantage for our voters,” Yavapai County Recorder Leslie Hoffman said. “As they have become accustomed to going anywhere in the county to cast their ballot, they’ve grown to enjoy the ease and convenience.”  

The final figures for the Kids Against Hunger food-packing event, Saturday, Oct. 22, at Verde Valley Fairgrounds, are staggering.Junior Kylie Densmore, junior Dariana Portillo, Junior Mackenzie King, senior Maya Federbush, supervisor Dawn Canfield, freshman Felicia Buno, junior Saya Federbush, and junior Reanna Bueno, clockwise from right, all part-of the Mingus Union High School Interact Club, buisily work together to pack one of 300,000 meals, more than half of which will feed the hungry in the U.S., with the rest helping to end hunger in Haiti.

According to Kids Against Hunger Verde Valley Director Karen Freeman, 682 packers and over 150 volunteer workers from local schools, churches, banks, civic groups, Cottonwood Fire Department, Verde Valley Fire District, Verde Valley Ambulance, city of Cottonwood, veterans groups, seniors groups, Girl and Boy Scout troops and the community at large took part.

Following a violent altercation with a stranger who entered her home, 29-year-old Amanda Harbeson of Rimrock lost her husband, 25-year-old Jarrod Rogers, to gunshot wounds on Oct. 14.Jarrod Rogers, 25, was shot and killed in his home in Rimrock allegedly by a 17-year-old assailant on Oct. 14.

The shooting occurred at approximately 11:45 p.m., after an unidentified 17-year-old Cottonwood man entered the unlocked front door of a travel trailer Harbeson and Rogers were renting on a property in the 4000 block of E. Airport Drive in Rimrock.

Anyone who grew up trick-or-treating in tightly-packed Midwestern or Eastern U.S. neighborhoods can get homesick for the experience living in the Verde Valley.The Beelers were a Disney family for Halloween last year. Rachelle Beeler went as the Little Mermaid, while kids Kenzie, left, was Snow White, and Carter was Iron Man.

There are options, however, to replace that feeling of walking up to a neighbor’s house and knocking on the door. For decades, local communities have stepped up their efforts to provide a safe, fun environment on Halloween, inviting families onto main thoroughfares to trick or treat.

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