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Camp Verde Marshal’s Office has filled a key position left open for four months.

On Monday, June 26, Brian Armstrong, a lieutenant with Arizona Department of Transportation, will step into the role of CVMO commander.

The position was vacated by Jacquelyn MacConnell in January.

Yavapai-Apache Nation Chairwoman Jane RussellWiniecki is one of Arizona Business Magazine’s “2017 Most Influential Women in Arizona Business.”

Winiecki will appear in the magazine’s July issue, alongside other women of influence in Arizona.

It appears only two Verde Valley school districts are adhering to a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to verbal threats of violence — a feature or a bug, depending on your preference as a parent or teacher.

According to Camp Verde Unified School District Superintendant Dennis Goodwin, age doesn’t matter when it comes to disciplinary action for threats of violence.

The Town of Camp Verde is working with an expected inflow of funds to the tune of $8,405,425 for the 2017-18 fiscal year — only about $100 more than what the town audited for 2015-16 and budgeted for 2016-17.

Town Finance Director Mike Showers went over the basic structure of the next budget during a budget forum Monday, May 8, at the Camp Verde Community Gym. Few community members other than town employees attended, as Showers noted, joking that it must mean the town is doing a good job with its resources. 

Potential developers of Camp Verde’s Old Hwy 279 area, take note: The town is investing in your future.

On May 3, the Camp Verde Town Council unanimously authorized $358,000 in capital improvement project and reserved funds to install six sewer line crossings, locate two existing sewer line crossing locations and install 665 linear feet of eight-inch force main sewer line within the Arizona Department of Transportation’s State Route 260 improvement project.

Thanks to Camp Verde Community Library, the Verde Valley has become one of only eight places in the nation to host Discover NASA: From Our Town to Outer Space.

The all-ages traveling exhibition allows visitors a hands-on, insider’s view of NASA, covering six key organization areas: Human exploration, earth science, Mars exploration, the solar system and beyond, aeronautics and technology.

Before Camp Verde Community Library opened its new 17,000square-foot facility last November, Library Director Kathy Hellman led a tour of the facility and pondered the possibility that musicians might one day play in there — not in a room somewhere, closed off from the public, but among the books.

“Can’t you just see it?” Hellman said as she looked down from the second floor balcony.

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of Harvest Inc.’s 35,000-square-foot marijuana grow facility in Camp Verde is not its existence, but the acknowledgement by the company’s top executive that the community has a right to be concerned.

“The town will continue to be protective, and they should be,” Harvest CEO Steve White said, adding that in his view the permitting process to establish the facility took longer than he expected it would. “I think that’s representative of government officials and employees doing the best things in the interest of their residents. The town has been fair and professional, but the leadership and employees were initially concerned about this use.

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