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As Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan quipped to a small audience at Camp Verde Community Library Wednesday, Aug. 3, “$20,350 is nothing to sneeze at.”Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan visited the Camp Verde Community Library last week to award a grant in the amount of $20,350 for the library to grow its early literacy programs for the Spanish-speaking community.

The amount represents a Library Service and Technology Act grant given to the library to grow its early literacy programs for the Spanish-speaking community. With the funds, CVCL plans to expand library services by incorporating music, movement, culture and technology into programming, as well as update the library’s Spanish and bilingual collection of materials for children up to 5 years of age.

Any description of the new 17,000-square-foot Camp Verde Community Library will likely fall short, especially before it’s completed, but the attempt is worthwhile if it gets locals excited about visiting — which is exactly what Library Director Kathy Hellman wants.The backside of the new Camp Verde Community Library building has access to three levels. The ground floor entrance goes to a conference room that can be used after normal library hours for meetings. The second floor features a balcony that mirrors the building’s front, and the top level will be used for astronomy workshops.

One of the area’s most invasive species has a rather misleading name: Tree of heaven calls to mind a plant of ethereal — and even elusive — beauty.Doug Fasteen, left, and his wife Christie work to remove a tree of heaven with Tony Gioia, standing, holding branches out of the way. The Camp Verde Tree Advisory Council was removing invasive species from Main Street.

But while few would call trees of heaven ugly, they are anything but elusive. Their broad-leaved limbs can be found drooping everywhere in the Verde Valley. Even with one’s eyes closed, trees of heaven can’t be avoided: The smell they exude has been variously described, falling somewhere between sweaty gym socks and rancid peanuts.

During the past two years, Sebra Choe has worked for Camp Verde Community Library as its programs and outreach coordinator, moving into that position after her initial hire as teen programs manager.Sebra Choe is the new economic development specialist for the Town of Camp Verde. Choe formerly worked at the Camp Verde Community Library.

On July 18, Choe took on her new role as economic development specialist, working under Economic Development Director Steve Ayers. There, she will assist Ayers in assisting businesses looking to locate or expand into the Camp Verde.

One can’t help but notice the skyline is undergoing a major change adjacent to Cliff Castle Casino: The casino’s new hotel, a six-story structure, is the Verde Valley’s first of its size and scope.Cranes can be seen from miles around in Camp Verde, with their long arms piercing the sky. Situated next to Cliff Castle Casino, the construction equipment is responsible for helping to erect what will become the casino’s new hotel.

Tim Hnedak, senior vice president of marketing and business development for co-developer DreamCatcher Hotels, said that he expects to have the parking garage completed by the new year, allowing for increased capacity for events and guests. The hotel itself, he added, is scheduled to open spring of 2017.

Armed suspects robbed Camp Verde’s Maverik convenience store at 541 W. Finnie Flat Road, Friday, July 29, at approximately 12:02 a.m.A shot of the suspects who robbed the Camp Verde Maverik.

According to Camp Verde Marshal’s Office Cmdr. Jacquelyn MacConnell, “Three subjects entered the store with white shirts wrapped around their heads, two of whom had knives. After threatening the store clerk, the suspects made off with over $150.”

Three Camp Verde teenagers got the shock of a lifetime July 18.A human skull was recently recovered from the Verde River near Camp Verde’s Black Bridge. The skull was found by kids fishing, and has since been sent to a forensic lab.

That afternoon, while fishing the north side of Black Bridge, the three made a grisly discovery in the shallow water close to shore: A human skull.

“The kids saw the skull and did the appropriate thing — they didn’t handle it,” Camp Verde Marshal’s Office Cmdr. Jacquelyn MacConnell said.

For those who quilt, the activity is both a calmative and an addiction — and, now and then, an opportunity to showcase hard-won skills.Local quilter Peg Miller holds up a queen size quilt she made from reproduction 1930s material, covered in designs known as Dresden Plates. Miller will be entering the quilt into Camp Verde’s October quilt show. In addition, 43 donated quilts will be sold during the show, with proceeds going to the library, the senior center and Camp Verde Historical Society Museum.

Though the Fort Verde Days Quilt Show will not occur until Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 8 and 9, organizers Peg Miller and Jackie Holmstrom are already putting out the call for entrants.

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