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At approximately 2:20 a.m. on Oct. 10, the Camp Verde Marshal’s Office received a phone call about a physical altercation at the Circle K located at 24 Finnie Flat, Camp Verde. A short time later, Camp Verde Marshal’s Office received a phone call of a shooting.Camp Verde Marshal's Office

This past year marked a milestone for Camp Verde Middle School: It became one of 11 Capturing Kids’ Hearts Showcase Schools for the 2015-16 school year, beating out 7,500 other U.S. schools.Flip Flippen, founder of the Flippen Group, visited Camp Verde Middle School recently. The Flippen Group started the Capturing Kids’ Hearts model of education, for which CVMS became a Showcase School.

To celebrate the accomplishment, on Oct. 4 representatives of the Flippen Group, a professional development organization, walked the CVMS campus to see how its flagship educational program, Capturing Kids’ Hearts, had been put to use. Flippen Group Founder Flip Flippen attended, touring alongside Flippen videographer Sean Murphy, Arizona Flippen representative Chris Layton and CVMS Principal Danny Howe.

Not too long ago, if you saw someone searching around a park with a compass or a cell phone, it was more likely you’d stumbled upon a geocaching enthusiast rather than someone who’d downloaded the world’s most downloaded app to hunt make-believe creatures.PokÉmon are caught in Pokémon Go by roaming the area to find the creatures. Before Pokémon Go was around, geocaching was done in much the same way by the town.

To steal Camp Verde Community Library Specialist Carlson Ralston’s words, “Before Pokémon Go, there was geocaching.”

Those lamenting the long wait for Camp Verde to create its sports complex park located off Arizona State Route 260 behind the Prescott National Forest Verde Ranger station have a consolation prize to tide them over.Parks and Recreation Division Manager Michael Marshall announced that his  department would be taking suggestions for a name for the park located off Arizona State Route 260 behind the Prescott National Forest Verde Ranger station.

In September, Parks and Recreation Division Manager Michael Marshall announced that his department would be taking suggestions for a name for the park. Since 2008, when the town purchased 114 acres of land from the U.S. Forest Service for a new sports facility [construction of which was abruptly stopped when the economic recession hit], the halted project has been referred to as Community Park.

Camp Verde’s search for a new Community Development Director has ended with the hire of Clarkdale resident Carmen Ogden, who will begin her tenure Oct. 17.Carmen Ogden

“She will be coming from the town of Prescott Valley, where she has served as the planner for the past three years,” Town Manager Russ Martin stated. “Before that, [Ogden] spent time as the town of Jerome’s zoning administrator and historic preservation officer .... She will be a great fit in this community, continuing the transformation of the Community Development Department’s customer service improvements.”

Subsidized by the Town of Camp Verde as a service to its residents, Sedona Recycles maintains two recycling bins at Camp Verde Heritage Pool and Outpost Mall — both of which may be under threat of removal due to the rising cost of service.Camp Verde has two recycle centers where the  environmentally conscious can bring paper, plastic, cans and glass to be recycled. This recycle center in Camp Verde is located on W. Apache Trail next to the Camp Verde Heritage Pool.

In the modern world, few traditions last more than a generation or two — but don’t tell that to the folks at Fort Verde State Historic Park.The Colonel’s Daughter Competition in Camp Verde will be held on Sunday, Sept. 25. After the horsemanship portion of last year’s competition, competitors donned old fashioned dresses that were once common at Fort Verde, and competed in poise and spoken eloquence. Laramie Mahan, right, won the ti

At 2 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 25, the park will host the 56th annual Fort Verde Days’ Colonel’s Daughter Contest, mirroring the long-standing tradition in mid-western and western communities of naming a local rodeo queen and putting a distinctly Camp Verdean spin on it.

A document provided by Camp Verde Town Councilwoman Carol German reveals a marked discrepancy between what Camp Verde residents pay to obtain solar photovoltaic energy system permits versus the Verde Valley as a whole.Zack Garcia/Larson Newspapers

According to the document, submitted by German during the Town Council meeting Sept. 7, solar fees in Cottonwood are $44, Clarkdale’s are $50 and Sedona’s are $75, while Yavapai County itself charges $175 in fees.

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