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Made in Clarkdale to promote town’s artists


Made in Clarkdale kicks off its 31st annual showcase Thursday, Nov. 30 at Clark Memorial Clubhouse.

The four-day event features art and music across the spectrum, according to Jenny Emminger, a member of the event’s new artist management team.


“This year, we’re focusing on promoting all art mediums and bringing the whole community together to have fun and revel in the creative spirit,” Emminger said, adding that taking on the role of lead for Made In Clarkdale has resulted in changes.

Last year was the first time the management team went to a four-day schedule, asking artists to stay full days in order to showcase their work best through larger displays and increasedv interaction with the public.

“We’re bringing a new energy,” Emminger said. “We went from a 12-day show and went down to four days. It’s more like the artists are sectioned off.”

This year, Emminger hopes to better incorporate new artists and work while paying homage to the older generation of artists in Clarkdale.

“It’s a show that’s been around for 30 years,” Emminger said. “A lot of the people who started it are getting older. We’re happy to take it over and happy to have found a lot of new artists in the community .... We just draw on all of the creativity in the community.”

According to Emminger, the showcase is a fundamental part of Clarkdale’s character, reflecting the history of the community as well as its singularly cohesive populace.

Emminger is working to make sure more and more artists feel welcome. Many older and emerging artists, as well as some established but slower producing artists, produce only a few pieces each year, making them unsuitable for full displays. At the same time, the event’s management team wants such people to have a forum.

“We’re going to have a community area for people with fewer pieces of art, and they don’t have to be there the whole day,” Emminger said.
Additionally, Made In Clarkdale 2017 will feature classes Clarkdale-Jerome School students and demonstrations from artists. “This years’ showcase will include new energy from recently juried artists as well as a group of students from Yavapai College, ceramics from the Reitz Ranch and books from the
Friends of the Clark Memorial Library,” Emminger said.

Town of Clarkdale Community Services is adding to Made In Clarkdale Saturday, Dec. 2, noon to 2 p.m. by inviting Santa in. Children can have their photo taken with the big man, drink hot cocoa with cookies and create an ornament with Made In Clarkdale artists to hang on the town’s Christmas tree.

All activities are free and will take place in the Men’s Lounge in the Clark Memorial Clubhouse. Doors close at 2 p.m., so participants are asked to arrive well prior to closing.

For more information about Made in Clarkdale, contact Bear Schutz at bearschutz@gmail.com or 451-4495. A full schedule is available at made inclarkdale.org. For additional information about Santa’s visit, contact Community Services at 39-2460 or email joni. westcott@clarkdale.az.gov.

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