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It appears only two Verde Valley school districts are adhering to a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to verbal threats of violence — a feature or a bug, depending on your preference as a parent or teacher.

According to Camp Verde Unified School District Superintendant Dennis Goodwin, age doesn’t matter when it comes to disciplinary action for threats of violence.

The Town of Camp Verde is working with an expected inflow of funds to the tune of $8,405,425 for the 2017-18 fiscal year — only about $100 more than what the town audited for 2015-16 and budgeted for 2016-17.

Town Finance Director Mike Showers went over the basic structure of the next budget during a budget forum Monday, May 8, at the Camp Verde Community Gym. Few community members other than town employees attended, as Showers noted, joking that it must mean the town is doing a good job with its resources. 

As of April 24, the city of Cottonwood is working with a balanced 2018 budget of $84,995,470 — an increase of nearly $12 million over this year’s original balanced budget of $73,112,570.

For 2017, the revised budget was $64,950,295.

On June 6, the city will look at a revised budget for 2018. Following public input, City Council will adopt the new budget Tuesday, June 20.

Home is where the job is.

Jerome Town Council met May 9 and discussed whether to keep the mandate that five positions in city governments be occupied by residents. 

The positions in question are town manager, town clerk, fire chief, police chief and public works. Town code requires those positions have a town resident.

The first thing you probably notice about the city of Cottonwood Riverfront Water Reclamation Facility is its appearance: It looks less like a wastewater treatment plant and more like a recreation facility.

It’s no coincidence of design meeting function, according to Cottonwood Regulatory Compliance, Safety and Education Administrator Debbie Breitkreutz.

The Yavapai-Apache Nation is constructing the largest low-income housing project in the Verde Valley. If you blink as you drive past it, though, you might not realize it’s there: The housing community, named Tunlii by the YavapaiApache, is tucked away off State Route 260 west of Interstate 17.

The high-end appearing units are located on a downward slope angled toward the Verde River, nearly hidden by the YAN-owned Conoco station north of W. Cherry Creek Road.

It seems that nothing is simple when it comes to disciplining children in school.

Following last week’s story about a verbal threat that allegedly occurred between grade school students at Mountain View Preparatory — an interaction that included, according to the parent of a child involved, specific threats of violence featuring a firearm — MVP Principal Stephanie Jones reached out to the Cottonwood Journal Extra to express reservations about what had been reported.

Potential developers of Camp Verde’s Old Hwy 279 area, take note: The town is investing in your future.

On May 3, the Camp Verde Town Council unanimously authorized $358,000 in capital improvement project and reserved funds to install six sewer line crossings, locate two existing sewer line crossing locations and install 665 linear feet of eight-inch force main sewer line within the Arizona Department of Transportation’s State Route 260 improvement project.

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