Print Witt’s decades of desert life has dried up her Illini roots
Written by Mark Lineberger   
Thursday, 21 August 2014 13:54

Evelyn Witt has called the Verde Valley home for the past eight years.Evelyn Witt moved to the Verde Valley eight years ago for her health after stumbling across the area while on vacation. The Illinois native is impressed by the revival that’s been taking place in Old Town Cottonwood.

Witt’s been in the Southwest quite a bit longer after moving to the deserts of New Mexico back in 1990.

“I came here for health reasons,” Witt said, joining the long list of people who have come to this region of the country hoping that the dry desert air would be beneficial.

Before that, Witt was home in Illinois, a state she had lived in all her life.

Her husband, Richard, came along as well.

Witt happened to stumble across the Verde Valley while on a vacation. Witt was out in Arizona with a travel trailer back in 2006.

Witt visited the Grand Canyon and explored the other natural wonders of the state.

“Then we dropped down into this,” Witt said.

Two years later, Cottonwood was home.

“The real estate agent was wonderful,” she said.

Witt likes the desert but she did say she misses the greenery of the lands out east.

Still, Witt said you can’t beat the view the sky has to offer.

“Seeing all the mountains is wonderful,” Witt said.

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