Print New Arizona Growler Law boosts brewing industry
Written by Christopher Fox Graham   
Saturday, 06 October 2012 00:00

Get your growlers, beer taps in Arizona are now able to fill more of them at more places.

A bartender fills a growler full with beer Tuesday, Sept. 25, at a Sedona brewery. An new Arizona law makes it legal to take home beer from breweries as long as the container is sealed and has government warning labels.

The new Arizona Growler Law went into effect in August as House Bill 2606, allowing any “bar, beer and wine bar, liquor store, beer and wine store, or domestic microbrewery licensee” to dispense beer into a growler or resealable bottle with a screw-on top or Grolsch-style swing top.

Nanobreweries — those extremely small licensed brewing operations with fewer than four barrels on hand — are also able to dispense beer under the new law.

A growler is a large, reusable takeout beer bottle with a screw-on top and generally a handle. Although sizes vary, growlers are usually 64 ounces, holding about the same volume as a six-pack. Growlers are sold by craft brew pubs, microbreweries and nanobreweries to permit beer aficionados to fill up from the tap rather than purchasing one-time use bottles or a keg. Many growlers are sold with a nominal glass deposit to the brewery, refundable when the user returns the bottle.

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