Print City Council to discuss A-frame sign regulations
Written by Lu Stitt   
Wednesday, 27 September 2006 12:44

The city of Cottonwood is trying to decide whether to revisit its ordinance regulating the use of A-frame signs or let it stand as written and step up enforcement.

The signs have become a common sight around town advertising businesses, sales and special events. Some are regular features. A few direct people to the business from a main roadway.

“We do consider the signs for special events for temporary use,” Charlie Scully, Community Development Department planner for Cottonwood, said.

At a recent Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, city officials asked people, especially business owners to express their opinion about the signs.

“Some business owners say they are necessary for the success of their business. The other point of view is the cluttered look of these signs creates a negative view of the city and its businesses,” Scully said.

The city’s current sign and zoning ordinances prohibit A-frame and portable signs, except for special events, he said. It includes a list of exemptions, such as political and real estate signs.

The Cottonwood City Council will discuss the A-frame sign ordinance at the council’s Tuesday, Oct. 10, work session. Planning and zoning officials have conducted public meetings to get opinions and ideas about the signs. A-frame signs for businesses and commercial operations are the focus of the discussions.

“We want to bring some options to the council for their direction,” Scully said. “We want to decide if these signs can be considered and, if so, what would the conditions be.”

Scully said officials want to decide either to keep the existing regulations and enforce them across the board or amend the existing ordinance to allow the signs under certain circumstances.

“We want to give a fair look at the issue. It’s one of those that you’re not going to get complete consensus,” Scully said. “We just want to resolve the issue and come up with a solution that will work.”

He said the focus of the A-frame ordinance also does not include yard, garage or estate sale signs.

“Those are addressed in other areas. That’s a different story, although it has similar issues,” Scully said.

One of those issues is safety, particularly concerning visibility on the roadways.

Scully said officials are still looking for input from the public and business owners on the A-frame signs.

The council’s Tuesday, Oct. 10, meeting begins at 6 p.m. in the council chambers, 826 N. Main St.

For more information, call 634-5505.