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She may not live in the classroom, but for Mary Burger, children are always present.Mary Burger and preschooler Dominic Papa sit together in Dr. Daniel Bright Elementary School’s cafeteria after a long day of prepping for kindergarten. Burger recently became director of the school’s preschool program.

"Children have always been a part of my life, and I am fascinated with watching them grow and change daily," Burger said.

The Camp Verde Animal Control Department, which works as part of the Camp Verde Marshal's Office, saw a significant jump in activity last month, according to numbers released last week by the Town of Camp Verde.Residents of Verde Town Homes volunteered their time to clean out a large drainage channel by the Outpost Mall and Finnie Flat Road. The concrete waterway is dry much of the time, but provides an escape for water during monsoon rains.

The department responded to 43 calls, more than double what was handled in May 2014.

The Camp Verde Marshal's Office is teaming up with the local Meals on Wheels program to help collect food to feed many of those in the community most in need.The Camp Verde Marshal’s Office will partner with Meals on Wheels to collect food on Saturday, June 27. CVMO will park a patrol car in front of Bashas’ with the trunk and all doors open, with the intent of filling it with as much food as possible.

Meal on Wheels is desperate for volunteers to help deliver the food. Anyone with a vehicle is welcome to volunteer, but potential volunteers should realize that regulations require a level-one fingerprint background check.

Living a healthier lifestyle, including a more nutritious diet, can be much easier around other people with similar goals.Linda Glass stands with her husband David, right, and son Jeff at the first meeting of the newly formed Fit Group. Glass is the event coordinator and the group aims to inspire healthier living through exercise, better eating and, most importantly, support. The next meeting will be Saturday, June 27, at 10 a.m. in rooms 206 and 207 of Town Hall.

To that end, the Camp Verde Parks and Recreation Department is starting the Community Fit Club.

Yavapai College's Verde Valley Advisory Committee updated the Camp Verde Town Council June 10 on what it is trying to accomplish.Paul Chevalier is chairman of the Verde Valley Board Advisory Committee, which sent a representative to the Camp Verde Town Council to explain the committee’s purpose and actions, and get input from council members.

The committee has held meetings with local governments to find out what the communities of the Verde Valley wants from the college.

The Town of Camp Verde is looking at a plan that would eventually allow the Verde Valley Archaeology Center to purchase land to build a new, more permanent home.The Town of Camp Verde and the Verde Valley Archaeology Center are working on a land deal to preserve pit houses like this one.

The property is off of Home-stead Parkway, not far from where State Route 260 meets I-17.

An effort to recall three members of the Camp Verde Town Council has cleared its first hurdle as enough signatures were collected to initiate a new election.Cheri Wischmeyer, right, brought in a stack of signed petitions to the Town Clerk to recall members of Town Council on June 10. Administrative assistant Barbara Bridge, center, and Town Clerk Virginia Jones notarized and counted the signatures.

The signatures were delivered to Camp Verde Town Hall last week to start the next step, the verification process.

Dave Calhoun ran away from home when he was 14.Dave Calhoun joined the U.S. Navy when he was 17, serving on the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. Calhoun worked on the flight deck where he serviced A-4 Skyhooks, F-4 Phantoms, A-3 Skywarrior bombers and F-8 Crusaders. Today Calhoun and his wife live in Rimrock.

It was a bad situation and Calhoun did what he had to do.

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