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A local church is stepping up to provide book bags for students just before the school year starts up again.

It's not just a book bag, though. Each back is stuffed with school supplies, pencils, notebooks and almost anything else a student could use.…

Verde Valley SWAT arrests suspect in Clarkdale hostage situation

A domestic argument in Clarkdale escalated into a hostage situation over the course of Wednesday, July 29.

Clarkdale police responded to a report of shots fired in the Centerville neighborhood near State Route 89A at 8:50 a.m., Clarkdale Police Chief Randy Taylor said. Police were not releasing the exact address of the incident as of presstime.…

Council aims to beautify street entrances to town

In an effort to continue improving how things look around town, the Camp Verde Town Council this month started considering potential beautification awards or recognition programs.

The idea was floated by Vice Mayor Bruce George.…

Town sets date for recall vote

The recall election for the Camp Verde Town Council has been set for Tuesday, Nov. 3.

It's only a recall against Vice Mayor Bruce George.…

Treatment plant costs increase

A wastewater treatment plant being built by the city of Cottonwood is going to cost more than initially projected.

The plant was initially projected to cost $8.5 million. The City Council previously voted not to exceed $10.1 million.…

Land owners await river rule

There may be a lot of dry river and stream beds here in the desert.

It doesn't matter so much how they exist today but rather their condition on Feb. 14, 1912.…

Military park opens at Garrison

Men and women have put on a uniform to serve this country through military service since the nation was founded.

To honor their service and sacrifice, a park dedicated to veterans will be built in Cottonwood.…

Car dealership opens in August

A deal to bring a new car dealership to one of the empty buildings and lots on the edge of Camp Verde town limits closest to Cottonwood is in place.

"It's all ready to go," Mayor Charlie German said.…

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